Where can you buy sunflower oil for hair?

We care more and more for cosmetics to be 100% natural. They cannot contain any artificial substances, preservatives or colourants. That is why, before purchase we read opinions and description provided by manufacturer. We want to be prepared for the purchase of the cosmetic, which will later serve us as a conditioning product. It is similar with sunflower oil. Do you know where should you buy this cosmetic?

online-shopping.jpgContrary to appearances, sunflower oil can bought in more places than just supermarket. There is plenty of shops in which you can buy this natural product. To get ecological sunflower oil, the easiest is go to press or oil mill. Those are places where is used professional equipment. Some of them fulfil purpose of heritage park where you can see all old machines and see for yourself how the process of pressing once looked like. You can as well create your own, at home press for cosmetic and food oils – of course dedicated for your use only. To do that, you have to buy oil press. The amount of obtained oil depends on content of oil in seeds. And so, for production of 500 ml/17 fl. oz. of sunflower oil you will need 2.2 Ib of sunflower seeds.

For lazy people, better will be shopping online. The Internet is a source of more than just information. You can buy there cosmetic and essential oils. Nowadays, many manufacturers offer their products in various prices, from few pounds to several hundreds of pounds. On what it depends? Price depends on many factors. You have to count in: composition, country of origin, method of obtaining and many more. It is very hard to tell, which sunflower oil will be best for you. And that is why we read opinions and comments of other people who used given product.

You can buy sunflower oil in pharmacy or herbalist’s shop. Products from this places will always be cold pressed and unrefined. So, you can be sure that the product consists of all essential ingredients for hair nourishment. While purchasing, pay attention to: method of pressing, country of origin and packaging. Those informations should be placed on the label.

Extremely important is storage of the product. If you’ll follow directions provided by the manufacturer, sunflower oil will certainly last for a long time. Product should be kept in a bottle made of dark glass in a dark and dry place. It shouldn’t be liable to humidity, air, bacteria or germs. Remember to apply product on washed hair with clean hands.