Sunflower Oil: Extraction and Properties

It’s obvious that natural is better. At least that is the case with sunflower oil, which you can press on your own. You just have to purchase right equipment, sunflower seeds, and get to it!

sunflower-oil.jpgThere are available devices called oil presses. Thanks to them you can press oil and… flour. But the most important is that prepared by you products are fully ecological, unrefined and cold pressed. Furthermore, products pressed this way contain only natural ingredients: fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Cold pressed product store in a dish made of dark glass in dark and cold place, away from source of light and humidity. Oil will preserve its properties for three months. Made by you sunflower oil can be used in many ways. It will be great as an addition to food and cosmetics, but also in at home beauty treatments. Sunflower oil can be used in oil treatment for hair to protect ends and nourish scalp.

Of course, if you don’t want to prepare your own sunflower oil, then you can buy ready product, e.g. pharmacy. You will be certain that this product was cold pressed, unrefined and enriched with vitamins and other nourishing ingredients. Sunflower can be purchase on the Internet auctions or in the herbalist’s shop. Remember, to check prior to purchase, where does the product come from, how it was manufactured and what substances does it contain. Take into consideration that price of sunflower oil bought on the Internet or in shop can be significantly different from the home made oil.

And what properties does sunflower oil display?

Product has positive influence on both hair and scalp. It regenerates damaged and dry strands and soothes scalp irritations. It eliminates dandruff, limits excess sebum secretion and regulates work of sebaceous glands. Sunflower oil combats hair loss, ageing processes of scalp (roots and follicles) and preserves proper level of melanin in inner hair structures. It restores split ends, provides deep hydration and strengthening. Strands gain healthy gloss, softness and smoother. Sunflower oil creates protective layer around hair. It protects hair against harmful external factors, sun radiation, aggressive agents of hair dyes, and salty and chlorinated water. Cosmetic makes combing easier and protects them against hot air made by hair styling tools.