Sunflower oil & Castor Oil by Nanoil. Which one is better?

Oils of natural origin are frequently chosen by women who care for their hair, skin and fingernails. The truth is, some ladies are satisfied with the results achieved with sunflower oil, whereas others prefer castor oil’s action. Undoubtedly, both natural products have plenty of assents, yet only one of them is believed to be significantly better.

castor oil vs sunflower oil

Sunflower oil VS Castor oil

There are many advantages of sunflower oil to enumerate, one of which is its power to restore proper functioning of sebaceous glands and, as a result, reduce excessive sebum secretion. In addition, this natural substance maintains the adequate melanin level in hair inner structures, which makes the oil responsible for combating colour fade. However, this is castor oil that has something that other hair care products of similar kind don’t have. This very quality is the ability to encourage hair, eyebrows and eyelashes to grow. To clarify, with castor oil we can positively influence length, thickness and volume of hair. In other words, it’s a good idea to introduce castor oil into follicle stimulating treatment which translates into accelerated growth of hair, brows and lashes.

How does castor oil work?

Apart from encouraging hair to grow quicker, castor oil has more advantages to offer. Its action also includes:

  • intensifying the color of lashes and brows
  • nourishing and reinforcing hair and skin
  • combating bacteria and fungi responsible for worsening the state of hair and scalp
  • cleansing scalp
  • moisturising
  • protecting dermis against damage
  • regenerating and strengthening fingernails
  • smoothing out, softening and boosting shine

nanoil mini castor oil for hair growth

Nanoil Castor Oil for hair, skin and fingernails

If professional and effective hair, nail and skin care, then only with Nanoil Castor Oil. This beauty oil is 100% organic, cold-pressed and unrefined which is why it preserves all properties and precious nutrients. Moreover, it’s extracted from seeds of castor oil plant that in majority is composed of a fatty acid commonly known as ricinoleic acid.

How to apply Nanoil Castor Oil?

Nanoil Castor Oil has to be applied to hair, skin and nails in the following way:

  1. Hair oil treatment – Nanoil Castor Oil should be find perfect for this treatment because it replenishes hair with water, provides gloss as well as it improves elasticity and enhances natural hair color. When applied to hair ends, this oil prevents dehydration and splitting.
  2. Scalp conditioner – when rubbed at roots Nanoil Castor Oil reinforces hair follicles, boosts blood flow, stimulates growth and combats excessive hair loss.
  3. Lash and brow care – when applied to eyelashes and eyebrows, Nanoil Castor Oil stimulates their growth, strengthens them and intensifies colour.
  4. Nail soak – when rubbed into fingernails and the cuticles, Nanoil Castor Oil moisturizes them, boosts their shine and smooths out. Moreover, castor oil reinforces brittle nails and prevents splitting.
  5. Face cleansing – Nanoil Castor Oil is perfect for being used as a natural cosmetic to remove makeup with and cleanse face skin. This substance has no problem with taking off colour cosmetics, excess of sebum and other impurities that gathered in skin pores.

nanoil castor oil miniFAQ: Nanoil Castor Oil

Where can I get Nanoil Castor Oil?
This all-natural castor oil can be bought on official Nanoil site. The fact that Nanoil Castor Oil can be bought online makes a really practical and convenient solution.

How much Nanoil does one bottle hold?
One bottle has 50 ml (1.69 oz) of the oil. This surely allows you to undergo complete hair/skin/fingernail treatment.

How should I store Nanoil Castor Oil?
As it’s a general rule for storing natural oils, Nanoil Castor Oil should be kept in the original, tightly closed bottle. The best environment to store the oil in is dry, dark and cool place. The dark glass – that the bottle is made of – shields the oil against sunlight.

What are chemical constituents of Nanoil Castor Oil?
Nanoil Castor Oil contains ricinus communis bean oil that, apart from the fatty acid, contains minerals and vitamins such as A and E.

How to use Nanoil Castor Oil?
The easiest way to apply Nanoil Castor Oil is by using a dropper that is attached to the packaging. This glass tool precisely doses the oil. Such applicator is really convenient and reliable.

How much does Nanoil Castor Oil cost?
When compared to other products displaying similar properties, the cost of Nanoil Castor Oil is relatively low. It should be realized that the oil Nanoil offers is obtained from a natural source.

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